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Rural Risk Management WHS Consulting services are designed and delivered to assist your business meet its legal duties and improve safety at work .We can integrate with your existing management and quality assurance programs optimising efficiency and effectiveness of your WHS management system.

Why do you need Documented Safety Systems?

Documented Safety Management Systems provide this evidence and enhance the productivity and profitability of business by ensuring workers understand  and appreciate their personal responsibilities, are properly  trained, consulted, supervised and that they follow step by step safe working procedures and processes  to ensure all tasks are carried out systematically, efficiently and safely .
Rural Risk Management WHS Consulting offer the following

  • WHS  Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • WHS  Workplace Risk Assessments and Risk Control Plans
  • Safe Work Method Statements  (SWMS) and JSA’s
  • Risk Assessments & Safe Procedures  (RASP)  – Rural
  • Specific  Safety Management Plans and On-site  WHS Coordination
  • WHS  Legal Technical Support
  • WHS  Management Systems Audits and Inspections
  • WHS  Workplace Hazard/Risk Surveys and Reports

wheat_harvester_header_driver (5)Rural Risk Management recognises the need for practical, common sense WHS tools and training for rural businesses that have unique and changing circumstances, challenges and needs. With RRM assisting you to meet your legal duty of care, managing safety makes good business sense by:

  • Promoting and maintaining safer work places for you, your workers and visitors
  • Reducing costly accidents, downtime, injury and potential litigation; and thereby
  • Enhancing the productivity ,efficiency and performance of your business